Ubie Scoop Putter



Product Description

Aircraft Aluminum
Up to 450g
Lie check
Toe Balance to your DNA
Non Offset
Datum Milled from Billet

We have been in the Putter Business since 1972. We have survived all the industry changes and came out with better products as a result. We utilize 100% CNC Machine Milling out of Solid Blocks. We have several U.S. Patents on different models of our putters.

My PUTTER DESIGNS have been engineered with not only technology in mind but also proper stroke enhancement. When I select a putter the first thing I watch for is the the ease or lack of ease to start the backstroke on the proper path. For years I have studied The total configuration of the entire Head,Shaft,grip and many other factors that I have build into my putters. It amazed me that one putter could FEEL and FLOW so drastically different than another putter . I found that most golfers (probably 95 per cent) do not have putters with specs. any where close to what helps their stroke. ALL MY PUTTERS ARE ENGINEERED AND FITTED TO HELP YOUR STROKE!

We offer traditional styles along with mallets and several unique designs of our own.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have.

Additional Information


30 inches, 31 inches, 31.5 inches, 32 inches, 32.5 inches, 33 inches, 33.5 inches, 34 inches, 34.5 inches, 35 inches (standard), 35.5 inches, 36 inches, 36.5 inches, 37 inches, 37.5 inches, 38 inches, 38.5 inches, 39 inches, 39.5 inches, 40 inches, Other Length

Lie Angle

67 degrees, 68 degrees, 69 degrees, 70 degrees (standard), 71 degrees, 72 degrees, 73 degrees


**Special Request (Please Email Us!), Golf Pride – Players Wrap Black (68g), Golf Pride – Tour Classic Midsize Black (87g), Golf Pride – Tour SNSR Blue Midsize (90g), Golf Pride – Tour SNSR Blue Oversize (124g), Golf Pride – Tour SNSR Red Midsize (90g), Golf Pride – Tour SNSR Red Oversize (124g), Golf Pride – Tour Traditional Pistol (58g), Lamkin – Deep Etched Black (77g), Lamkin – iLine Pistol Black (61g), Lamkin – iLine Pistol Orange (61g), Lamkin – iLine Pistol Turquoise (61g), Lamkin – iLine Pistol Yellow (61g), Lamkin – Jumbo Black (112g), Lamkin – UTx Mega Paddle Blue (112g), Pure – Midsize Black (84g), Pure – Midsize Green (84g), Pure – Midsize Red (84g), Pure – Midsize White (84g), Pure – Standard Black (69g), Pure – Standard Green (66g), Pure – Standard Red (66g), Pure – Standard White (73g), Super Stroke – Mid Slim 2.0 Black (50g), Super Stroke – Mid Slim 2.0 Blue (50g), Super Stroke – Mid Slim 2.0 Red (50g), Super Stroke – Mid Slim 3.0 Black (60g), Super Stroke – Mid Slim 3.0 Blue (60g), Super Stroke – Mid Slim 3.0 Green (60g), Super Stroke – Mid Slim 3.0 Red (60g), Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 Green (50g)