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Launch Monitor Evaluation

  • For launch monitor services, most customers require 1 to 2 hours. This is adequate to establish yardage gaps and/or allow Bob to evaluate swing mechanics, provide instruction, and/or offer feedback on potential clubfitting options.
  • *Discounts available for multiple hour purchases.
  • **Launch monitor evaluation is included in price of clubfitting services.

Club Adjustments & Repairs

$6 to 15
  • Regrip - $6/Club
  • Cut Shaft to Length - $6/Club
  • Cut Shaft to Flex - $8/Club
  • Adjust Lie/Loft - $10/Club
  • Shaft Install - $15/Club
  • Shaft Removal - $15/Club
  • *In some situations, or with certain equipment, prices may be higher or lower.
  • ** Bulk discounts available for multiple club repairs and/or with the purchase of equipment.

Professional Clubfitting

$65 to 200
  • Irons - $110
  • Putter - $100
  • Driver - $75
  • Woods/Hybrids - $65
  • Wedges - $65
  • Complete Set - $200
  • *Above prices exclude price of equipment. Discounts available for fitting with equipment purchase.
  • ** Clubfitting typical includes Flightscope time at no charge.

About Bob Uebelhor

Bob Putting


Starting in 1972, Bob has developed a national reputation and has twice been named a national clubmaker of the year.

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Bob has world-class credentials and is known nationally for his knowledge of clubfitting and club design principles.

Quick Facts

Years of Clubmaking Experience
Years of CNC Putter Milling Experience
Putter Design/Mechanical Patents
International Clubmaker of the Year Awards

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Bob on Putter Fitting


Bob Putting
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